If you’re looking for a professional window treatment company, then look no more! Shades & More is your one-stop for all your retail, commercial and designer services.

Shades & More has a dedicated team prepared to compliment the wholesale market. Our program is designed for those who want to buy our products and provide them to YOUR existing customers. In these instances, we provide special pricing on all of our products and services.

These services include:

  • Professional measuring and consultation
  • Special pricing on all window treatment products and services
  • We will have one of our experienced associates meet with your client (and with you). They will measure and provide any needed consultation to your client.

Professional Installation

Shades & More does the installation of window treatments. Our installers work directly for Shade & More, and because of this, we guarantee all of our installation work.


Customized Billing

We can bill you directly or we can bill the client directly.


Soft Treatment – High-Quality Work Room

Fabricated the highest quality of soft window treatments.


Special Packages

We offer bundled services (products and measuring installation) at a greatly reduced price… or you can utilize our services individually.

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